Mining Cluster

San Juan is considered the most attractive province for mining investment in Argentina (Fraser Institute report) and is 2nd in the Ranking of Attraction of Mining Investments in Argentina, a position it has not lost since 2014 (Consultancy ABECEB)

Mining is considered a State Policy and pillar of the reconversion of the productive and employment matrix in the last 12 years in the province. The mining cluster, comprised of mining exploration, extractive mining, mining-based industries and mining services; it represents 27% of the Gross Geographical Product (GDP) San Juan has:

  • Mining resources: San Juan has an undetermined mining geological potential. Its resources are located in Provincial Mining Reserve Areas, whose ownership correspond to the Provincial Institute of Mining Explorations and Exploitations; that decides, then exploration and exploitation through contracts concluded with third parties. Or, Mining Resources of Free Availability: available to be requested, through the Ministry of Mining, by any physical or juridical person, national or foreign
  • Knowledge: San Juan has the only Geographic Information System (GIS) on-line in Argentina. Through this, potential investors from any part of the world can identify the available mineral resources, facilitating mining concession, mining canon and registration of mining rights
  • Experience: our mining activity is highly technological, with specialized human resources and a cluster of suppliers with world class quality standards. In San Juan, there is the Veladero gold mine, operated by the companies Barrick and Shandong, considered the first digital mine in the country, which has an Integrated Center for Remote Operations.
  • Provincial government committed to the sustainable development of mining. It counts with effective control systems and works, together with the private sector, in the awareness of corporate social responsibility.
  • Provincial fiscal incentives: The new regime for Promotion of the Mining Activity establishes the total exemption from gross income tax; real estate in relation to assets linked to the activity; automotive in vehicles affected for this purpose and elimination of stamp tax of any contract directly related to the activity. Enforcement authority: Dirección General de Rentas
  • Social license: the local society supports the responsible mining activity.
  • Prestige: San Juan is 2nd in the Ranking of Attraction of Mining Investments of Argentina, a position it has not lost since 2014 (Consultant ABECEB and CAEM) and is the most attractive Argentine province for mining investment according to the latest report from the Fraser Institute from Canada


  • 1

    GROWING DEMAND OF THE EXTERNAL SECTOR of metalliferous minerals.

  • 2

    EXPANSION MARKETS for value-added products derived from lime and bentonites.

  • 3

    New OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE INDUSTRIALIZED LIM due to the expansion of the metalliferous mining and the iron and steel industry.

  • 4

    Optimal conditions for the exploitation of SILICIO, key input in the generation of photovoltaic solar energy.

Relevant facts

  • 1st GOLD producer in Argentina with more than 800,000 ounces per year.

  • Main exporter of GOLD, generating $ 1.5 billion.

  • We export 62% of Argentina's metals.

  • We own 71% of the country's COPPER reserves, in only 5 fields.

  • 1st producer and exporter of CAL, with 2.5 million tons per year.

  • 1st producer of DOLOMITA and TRAVERTINO.

  • Argentina's only producer of CALCITA and MAGNESIUM SULPHATE.

  • 2nd producer of MARBLE, QUARTZ and TALCO.

  • 3rd producer of BENTONITA, FELDESPATOS and MICAS.