San Juan is tradition and innovation in viticulture, olive growing and fruit and vegetables; the current trend is the diversification of agro industrial production with international quality standards

With only a cultivated area of about 105,000 hectares, San Juan is an important producer and exporter of agro-industrial products, with increasing participation in the national and international market. Due to environmental and quality standards, optimal to meet the demands and preferences of consumers increasingly demanding.

San Juan has:

  • Comparative advantages of climate and soil with 300 days of sunshine per year, low humidity and great thermal amplitude in the productive valleys with soil conditions that provide a phytosanitary barrier that protects the production of pests and diseases.
  • Competitive advantages: incorporation of good agricultural and industrial practices; use of cutting-edge technology in industrial production; professional ability; investment in genetic improvements, development of organic production and increasing acquisition of international certifications.
  • Modern infrastructure of laboratories and agricultural and phytosanitary institutes that allow producing seeds, foods and healthy ingredients, of recognized quality and at competitive prices.
  • Provincial government committed to developing a sustainable agroindustrial production, with high levels of specialization, considering key pieces to technology, biotechnology, research and positioning of the Origin San Juan brand.


  • 1

    Global population growth: the global food and beverage market plays a leading and expanding role; due to the growth of the world population, which is expected to reach 9,000 million people by 2050. This population increase will require a 70% increase in world food production.

  • 2

    Counterseason: San Juan has advantages with respect to production in the Northern Hemisphere. Counterseason is a factor that generates opportunities for the trade of local products in those market.

  • 3

    New markets: year after year new markets in emerging countries are gaining influence in global food and beverage transactions. These will mean new marketing opportunities for our production, that´s why we work in exploration and positioning

  • 4

    New niches and market segmentation: characterized by: sophistication and differentiation in taste, rise of the healthy paradigm as a consumption guideline and the presence of consumers with high purchasing power. This niches leads us to encourage diversification, incorporating added value through the production of organic food.

Relevant facts

  • 1st producer and exporter of UVA IN FRESH.

  • 1st producer and exporter of GRAPE PASS.

  • 1st exporter of PUMPKINS and ORGANIC COUGERTTES.

  • 1° producer of ONION SEEDS.

  • 1 ° Producer of MELONES with Designation of Origin.

  • 1st producer of TOMATO FOR INDUSTRY.

  • 2nd producer and exporter of WINE.

  • 2nd producer of OLIVES.

  • 3rd producer and exporter of OLIVE OIL.