Industrial diversification with quality and increasing technology incorporation is considered key for provincial production and growth

The provincial government promotes active policies to boost industrialization, increase employment and reduce the technological gap; focusing on industrial complexes as dynamic elements of the entire production network of San Juan.

San Juan has:

  • Consolidated and diversified industrial activity, growing since 2003 and whose main items are: food and beverages, chemicals, plastics, auto parts, metalworking, machinery and equipment, glass and rubber
  • More than 1000 manufacturing establishments in production.
  • Qualified human resources
  • 6 Industrial Parks for the installation of companies in beneficial conditions
  • Provincial tax incentives: the manufacturing industries are exempt from the payment of Gross Income


  • 1

    Incorporation of DESIGN AND SOFTWARE in the industry

  • 2

    UNSATISFACED DEMAND of goods and industrialized products by the mining sector that could be supplied with local manufacturing production.

  • 3

    L• The San Juan industry buys more than 60% of semi-finished products from industries in other provinces for its production process. As a result, there is a DEMAND NOT COVERED that could be supplied with semi manufactured manufactures produced in San Juan