San Juan is considered an emerging tourist destination. Its tourism products are a very tempting offer to new consumption habits, associated with the growth of tourism meetings and tourism experiences with added value in terms of authenticity, significance and impact.

The tourist businesses in Argentina represent 8% of the Gross Domestic Product and a higher growth is foreseen in the next 5 years since this is predicted by different indicators.

The described trends are replicated in San Juan, considered an emerging tourist destination with more than 790,000 tourists / year. A sustained growth of the activity is observed; being a destination chosen by the internal and external tourist.

Hotel occupancy grew by 9% in 2017 compared to 2016. The boom in meeting tourism in the Province, by 104% in just one year, would explain the higher hotel demand.

San Juan hosted events of national and international significance such as: Dakar Rally, Vuelta de San Juan, World Freestyle Kayak, National Music Meeting, International Handicrafts Fair, International Congress of Patristic Studies, International Forum of Criminology, Regional Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics, among others. In addition, San Juan is the site of important events linked to its production, such as Honey Week, Tomato National Meeting and ArgOliva - Olivícola International Encounter. Finally, in its museums, in the Juan Victoria Auditorium and in the Bicentennial Theater, there were exhibitions and artistic shows of international level such as La Traviata, Tosca, The Nutcracker, Symphonic Encounters, among others.

San Juan has:

  • 30,390 rooms or units available, including hotel and para-hotel establishments, with a total of 77,580 spaces available (Source: Ministry of Tourism and Culture of San Juan - 09/2017)
  • Events and Conventions Bureau that under the slogan "San Juan its next venue", keep a proactive attitude to capture cultural, sporting and academic events
  • Increase in the aerial frequencies that connect the city of Buenos Aires with San Juan. In addition, an international flight joined the Province with Santiago de Chile, capital of the trans-Andean country. Substantial improvements are expected at the air connectivity level. On one hand, in October 2017 the remodelling works of the Domingo Faustino Sarmiento airport began, which is scheduled for completion in October 2018. On the other hand, San Juan is included in new commercial routes that will offer, in the short term, some of the low cost lines that you start operating in the country. According to Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, 180,000 passengers use the San Juan airport every year.
  • Wide range of tourism products, very tempting and adaptable to new tourist consumption habits: (i) the value assigned to sustainable tourism; (ii) personalization in tourism experiences; (iii) satisfaction of the need to relax and (iii) experiences that provide added value, in terms of authenticity, significance and impact. Among them stand out

Located in the Department of Valle Fertil, 330 km northeast of the City of San Juan, characterized by its rugged landscape, its geological formations and its paleontological richness. It offers 5 circuits to cover it: (i) Traditional Day Circuit, which runs through 5 stations, each one with its geoforms and colors; (ii) Nocturnal Circuit with Full Moon; (iii) Circuit Cerro Morado, from where you can take a panoramic view appreciating the majesty of the landscape with its fauna and flora; (iv) Bicycle Circuit and (vi) Trekking Circuit. In addition, the Park has the William Sill Museum.

In 2017, it received 75,995 visits, 90% of its residents and the remaining 10%, non-resident tourists.


The city of San Juan offers visitors historical and cultural proposals, which include visits to museums such as the Franklin Rawson Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Agustín Gnecco Provincial Historical Museum, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento's Birthplace, San Martín's Historical Cell, the City of San Juan, Bicentennial Theater and Juan Victoria Auditorium, among others.

Religious circuits: Pilgrimage to the Sierras Azules, Cavalcade of Faith to the Deceased Correa, Patronal Feast in Honor of San Expedito and Achango Chapel - National Historical Monument.

Productive valleys: Ullúm, Zonda and Pocito

Interlagos Route: The route follows the margin of the San Juan River. Towards the east it connects from the Caracoles Dam with the Punta Negra Dam and Ullúm Dike, to finally reach the Great San Juan; crossing the departments of Ullúm, Zonda and Rivadavia.


Wine route: 14 wineries in 8 departments.

Olive route: 14 olive farms.


WATER: Kitesurf and Windsurf in Cuesta del Viento Dam, Department of Church; Rafting and Kayak in the Jáchal River Canyon, Departments of Iglesia / Jáchal; Rafting and Kayaking in Los Patos River - Barreal, Calingasta, Kayak in San Juan River - Rivadavia and Sport Fishing in Duel of Ullúm and Cuesta del Viento.

LAND: trekking circuits, climbing, mountaineering in Cerro Mercedario of 6770 masl, Carrovelismo in the Pampa El Leoncito - Barreal, Calingasta, Horseback riding.

AIR: zip-line, parachuting and paragliding.


San Juan has some of the most diaphanous skies in the country and a privileged climate and geography with almost 300 sunny days a year. This reason allowed the installation of several observatories, in principle for the investigation itself, which was then given the opportunity to practice tourism in the National Park El Leoncito, located in the southwest of the province of San Juan, on the western slopes of the Sierra del Tontal, in the department of Calingasta, at 2,250 masl, 220 km from the capital of San Juan and 34 km from the town of Barreal.


  • 1

    Investment in hotels of international quality, especially 4 and 5 stars.

  • 2

    Investment in underutilized products: thermal tourism and mining tourism.

  • 3

    International quality tourist services in Iglesia, Valle Fértil and Calingasta

  • 4

    Construction of a modern convention centre

Relevant Facts

  • Tourists per year: almost 800,000.

  • Hotel occupancy growth: 9% in 2017 compared to 2016.

  • Growth of Meetings Tourism: 104% (since 2015).

  • Rooms or units available including hotel and para-hotel establishments: 30390.

  • 180.000 passengers per year use the San Juan airport.

  • San Juan is rich in tourism products that enhance experiential tourism.