In San Juan we are aware that the energy matrix of the coming years depends on the execution of an integral plan of development in renewable energies

The Government of the Province of San Juan considers state policy to manage and develop the province's energy resources: Hydroelectric Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy and Biomass. Among the measures adopted stand out:

  • The creation, by Provincial Law No. 7489/2004, of the state company Energía Provincial Sociedad de Estado (EPSE), whose purpose is the study, exploration, exploitation, industrialization and administration of all provincial energy resources, according to the established strategic guidelines by the Provincial Executive Power.
  • The development of infrastructure for the storage of water, the supply of the population, agricultural and industrial areas and the generation of hydroelectric energy. The construction of the dams of Los Caracoles and Punta Negra, on the course of the San Juan River, are the 2 hydroelectric works built in Argentina since 2004. Currently, under construction the El Tambolar Hydroelectric Exploitation.
  • Construction of the first photovoltaic plant "Huerta Solar" type in South America, located in the department of Ullúm, 30 km from the city of San Juan.
  • Installation of the Integrated Factory of Solar Silicon Ingots, Waves and Crystalline Cells and Photovoltaic Solar Panels of 71 MW of annual production. Currently under construction in the Department of Pocito, with an area of 41,000 m².

San Juan has:

  • Wind energy with great potential in the mountain areas of the north and west of the province with conditions of speed and almost permanent wind regime.
  • Geothermal energy with possibility of development in the Department of Iglesia (Los Despoblados, Gollete and Bañitos areas), where the presence of geothermal energy has been investigated and whose results prove the existence of encouraging thermodynamic manifestations.
  • Hydraulic energy with a large water storage water infrastructure, destined to supply the population, agricultural and industrial areas.
  • Photovoltaic solar energy of great present and future in San Juan due to: Intensity of incident solar radiation on horizontal surface up to 7.5 kWh / m² / day; effective heliophany or number of hours of sunlight between 4 and 9 hours per day according to the period of the year and the area of the province and existence of sufficient quartz of high quality and electro-intensive plant with the capacity to transform quartz into metallic silicon
  • Solar and wind power generation parks in development: Ullúm, Sarmiento, Rivadavia and Tocota
  • Lands available in desert and semi-desert areas, suitable for the installation of large-scale solar and wind farms.
  • Know-how and updated information with the only Wind and Solar Map of the country. These maps allow to identify and quantify the wind and solar resource and to determine the areas with potential for the development of generation projects with these resources.
  • New and wide provincial fiscal incentives, credit support and technical assistance.
  • Incentives of the National Promotion Regime for the Use of Renewable Sources of Energy - RenovAr Program.


  • 1

    LANDS AVAILABLE in the Province to concession in order to exploit clean energy.

  • 2

    FISCAL FACILITIES, CREDIT SUPPORT AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: the Government of San Juan, through the San Juan Investment Development Agency, provides financial and technical assistance to SMEs within the framework of the San Juan to the Future Program.

  • 3

    GROWING DEMAND for the generation of solar energy for use in the productive sector.

  • 4

    PROMOTION for the installation of photovoltaic panels in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Relevant Facts

  • Exceptional weather conditions with permanent wind regime in Cordilleta and 300 days of sunshine per year with a solar radiation index higher than: 5.5 KW / hour / m2 / d.

  • Provincial tax exemptions: gross income, stamps, automotive and real estate.

  • 4th position in the National Green Ranking.

  • Pioneers in the construction of the first photovoltaic plant of the "Huerta Solar" type in South America.

  • San Juan Solar Project that expects to achieve a production of 3560 monocrystalline silicon ingots per year and 217,344 photovoltaic solar panels per year.

  • Leading province in investment in Solar Energy Projects of Cuyo after rounds 1.5 and 2.0 of the Renovation Plan.